The A|S Residence

Deep in the historical heart of the magnificent La Habana Vieja, you will be welcomed in a beautiful and impressive mansion in the typical colonial Havana style of the 19th century. The residence itself is a protected and registered UNESCO building from the late 19th century and was completely renovated in 2018/2019. The A|S Boutique Residence is situated on the first floor, which is also the top floor of our large mansion. 

On the ground floor, you have direct access to our dynamic and trendsetting hotspot HAV_Coffee & Art, a great location for the best Cuban brewed coffee, and delicious breakfasts and lunches in the direct environment of the HAV_art gallery. Here, we present a variety of exhibitions of local and international artists, frequent exhibitions of the artwork of Andre Visser, and music and dance performances. 

The A|S Boutique Residence is a private experience as behind the majestic colonial façade, you will find only a limited amount of guest rooms and a suite. A unique private guest room, an elegant design lobby, a dining room, an impressive roof terrace with a rooftop bar and designer lounge seats and our trendy HAV-café and HAV–art gallery are your exclusive yet intimate retreat in Havana.