The A|S Residence

Nestled deep in the historical heart of the magnificent Old Havana (La Habana Vieja), you will be welcomed in a breathtaking mansion in the exemplary 19th century architectural style of Cuba. The elegant A|S Boutique Residence rises majestically amid the UNESCO listed setting of one of the oldest and most authentic quarters of Old Havana.  This is an unmatched address in Cuba, infused with design, art and a cosmopolitan vibe, still in perfect harmony with the unceasing heartbeat of the vibrant old town.

The residence itself was completely renovated in 2018-2020, and fully restored to its former glory, with all the building’s original elements painstakingly preserved. Embraced by the ‘raw’ beauty of its historical surroundings, the building is blending in, yet behind its stately facade you will be welcomed in a surprisingly luxury and modern urban retreat. The symbiotic relationship between historical architecture, the Cuban culture and the unpolished dramatic charm of Old Havana, is at the very heart of this unique boutique hotel.

The overwhelming high-ceilinged spaces that boast over 5 meters (16.50 ft), the monumental columns and arcades, the eclectic tiled floors, the stunning iron-works, the implosive wooden doors and the endless marble stairs are all part of this sublime landmark mansion. The quintessential Cuban architecture provides an open patio in the heart of the building creating a natural fluidness of indoor and outdoor with rooms merging seamlessly to this shady and green courtyard. Dazzling front-row city panoramics at the stunning rooftop, provide an almost 360 degrees sunset and sunrise experience.

On the ground floor, you have direct access to the dynamic and trendsetting restaurant HAV_Coffee & Art, a great location for the best Cuban brewed coffee, and delicious organic breakfasts in the direct environment of the HAV_Art Gallery. Here, you will be treated on a variety of exhibitions of local and international artists, frequent exhibitions of the artwork of one of the owners and abstract artist, Andre Visser, and at times intimate music and dance performances.

The A|S Boutique Residence is a secluded and private experience as behind the majestic colonial façade, you will find three junior loft suites, a compact duplex room, as well as two exclusive double room suites.

A unique ‘loft-like’ junior suite or a signature suite, an elegant design lobby, a majestic salon, a panoramic roof terrace and the trendsetting HAV Café and Art Gallery; all are your exclusive yet intimate retreat in Old Havana.