The A|S Interior

The elegant and contemporary European design signature of this intimate yet very spacious and majestic colonial residence will definitely charm you. The interior design is the work of Andre Visser. With his aesthetic sense and superb design talent, he finds true expression in all aspects of creativity. 

At the same time, he understands the art of toning down and finding true elegance by achieving a perfect dialogue between luxury and minimalism. A style that is so precious to Havana’s European history and to the sensibility of a luxury boutique residence concept that is perfectly anchored in the 21th century. 

Materials and textures are fashioned with respect for the artistic, artisanal tradition that comes to life again through the contemporary designs and forms that withstand the tests of time. The +5-meter-high ceiling rooms and the authentic details of the residency integrate naturally with the exclusive contemporary design interior and with the large abstract paintings, all created by Andre Visser. The art of chic simplicity rather than ostentatious splendor is our idea of a luxury interior. 

A|S offers you a unique experience by merging European stylishness with a Cuban sparkle. The sleekly styled and personally designed European ambiance combines beautifully with the authentic residency and its extraordinary Havana atmosphere that has been conserved carefully. Contemporary luxury and modern convenience are implemented in the lofty urban rooms and lounges, where the urban dynamism has been tempered with serenity. 

An elegant, timeless appeal of a custom-made experience. An inspiring and unique addition to the busting urban neighborhood in which it sits, A|S is a feat of modern room architecture and innovative interior design hidden behind an impressive colonial façade. The unconventional concept of combining a luxury boutique hotel with a trend setting café, a prestigious art gallery and a magnificent rooftop lounge bar is unique in Havana. 

For those who appreciate quality, art and a contemporary chic style, A|S Boutique residency is definitely a beloved and inspiring location.