Urban retreat for the free traveler spirits!

The A|S Boutique Residence is a privately owned luxury boutique hotel, nestled in the heart of La Habana Vieja. 

Europe and Cuba merge in this exclusive masterpiece—just as the owners Andre and Sandy have merged their cultures into a loving relationship.   

‘…We have travelled around the world and lived in different continents and metropoles. That international experience is brought to life in the lifestyle and philosophy of the A|S Boutique Residence. Our international background together with our European and Cuban heritage has resulted in a unique concept.  

We believe that it is our combined talent and nonstop drive to evolve and create, together with the artistry of our people, flair and skills that create an exhilarating and artfully composed experience. Here we celebrate freedom, individuality, design and art and above all we embrace the independent traveller’s minds…’   

The Cuban architecture, the local craftsmanship and the heritage site make this boutique hotel reach into the social and cultural fabric of the environment, for our guests to nurture a sense of belonging. We have created a retreat that reflects a true sense of place and fits organically into the historical surrounding, with a modern design decor that serves as a bridge between culture and people. The raw beauty of the Old Town environment and the laid-back casual atmosphere of the residence merge seamlessly with a community of people who share the same aesthetic values and lifestyle.  

‘…Our pledge to you is our commitment to providing a superlative guest experience to create exquisite memories in an creative environment where individuality, freedom and true relaxation can florish…’

 Along with an unparalleled, personalized service in an understated chic and distinctly upscale setting, you will feel welcome and at home. For those seeking a slice of luxury, a dose of solitude or just an embracing urban oasis in a dynamic city, this is the place. We invite you to switch off from the outside world, unplug and slow down. 

‘…Welcome to the perfect bolthole for the liberated minds and free traveller spirits…!’