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Personality flows from this creative Cuban bolthole, but it’s the faces behind the
places that made our stay @asboutiqueresidence!
If Havana conjures up images of clunky state-approved hotels of barebones ‘Casas’,
think again! Scratch the city’s surface, and you’ll discover a handful of boutique
‘hotels’ with A|S Boutique Residence, one of true favorites…
Not because of it’s location in the beating heart of Old Havana with 24/7 access to
Havana’s theatre of local life. And not because of its drool-worthy interiors oozing
understated elegance with pops of bold abstract art, swanky Barcelona chairs, and
whimsical touches throughout. And, perhaps not even for the rooftop terrace with
its bird’s eye view of the city. No, the truth is, we fellin love with A|S because of the
hotelier’s, Andre and Sandy. And, yes, if our suitcases were big enough we’d have
taken them back with us!
The moment we came into this Havana oasis we felt pampered and cared for-from
Cindy’s beetroot guava shots, the chefs chia seed pancakes to Sandy’s spontaneous
salsa lessons, no details of our experience was overlooked. Still savoring our
poolside chats, listening to hotel’s backstory and challenges of building beauty in a
complicated place like Havana!
We never use the word ‘favorite’ lightly but can’t think of a stay more memorable
than A|S Boutique Residence – hands down, one of our all-time favorites.
Eco credentials:
– Most of the hotel’s furnishings, tiles, doors are all handcrafted by local
– All ingredients in their cafe are locally sourced.
– Committed to fostering local engagement by acting as a hub for local
artists, designers and musicians.
                                                                                             Saskia, March 2022


We were friends on holiday and got a pleasant surprise over the great service the owner provided. Among other things, he had good recommendations, got the guide, drivers and reserved for us at restaurants. The hotel is quite simple and masculine and very stylish. The room and breakfast were very good! From the street door, you walk straight out into an area of ​​the old town where the locals live. Cubans are still struggling with shortages, so be prepared not to have sky-high expectations. Everyone we met was very friendly!

Dag. Norway, Nov 2021

A unique and charming hotel in the midst of old Havana!
We felt like home and were being taken care of by the owner André in the best possible way. The grandiose paintings and rustique style made the place a combination of hotel and art gallery. The roof terrace was a perfect place to relax, and the sitting groups inside were comfortable places to socialize. André did everything to give us the best experience and succeeded. Highly recommendable!

Inger, Norway, Nov 2021

Again, many thanks for a memorable stay at your nice hotel! And for all you excellent help; really appreciated

Would share this recent tweet of mine from our visit at Berkeley, which I find applies so well to the qualities of your boutique hotel:

Visiting UC Berkeley, where renowned architect Christopher Alexander worked for many years: “There is a central quality which is the root criterion of life and spirit in a man, a town, a building, or a wilderness. This quality is objective and precise, but it cannot be named.”

Thorvald. Norway Dec 2021

…I slept in the Royal Duplex Room and it is even better than it looks! Treat yourself!

JD, USA, 2020

…A real Old Havana Treasure!

Coming down from 4 days of intensive art viewing at Art Miami in Dec 2019, we decided to visit Havana in search of more purenessafter the US..

In a small local street, just behind the big squares, you’ll find A|S Boutique Hotel. It was a tip from a fashion stylist who used the location for a photoshoot. It took my breath away.. the two guys, (Sandy is local and the other one is from Amsterdam) who run this small modern decorated hotel know what a traveler needs. 

The rooms are tastefully decorated with 5 meter high ceilings and original wooden doors, Antique old tiles and they have all the modern convenience that you need in furniture design and a great bathroom.

 It’s simple and pure (Just like Havana is) but good. And don’t forget their good kitchen and always open HAV café 

–try the salmon sandwich! (If it is available in Cuba at that time 😃). 

Or zip a great cocktail at their rooftop bar: amazing views over Havana. 

We booked 2 nights extra (take the large suite on the front side, I forgot the name..), and thanks to their great art gallery we still look at a great artwork from the owner Andre, who is an artist after his professional life as a fashion designer.

Isn’t it funny that we bought nothing in Miami after 4 days but found a great piece of art in Havana? You will see me back!’

Chris & Jan, Amsterdam, 2020

 …Our stay at A|S in February/March 2020 was a revelation, the hospitality and service were impeccable “

We surely want to revisit your beautiful boutique hotel, in order to enjoy La Havana Vieja again. 

Challenging contrasts gave us food for thought, enriching our experience.’  

An elderly couple from The Netherlands, 2020

…We had a wonderful experience at your stunning boutique hotel”

The personal approach and the casual luxury made it a great place to return to after a day of exploring Old Havana.

 We enjoyed the organic breakfast and the great espresso’s at your café HAV 

– and our duplex room was a treat!’ 

 Heinrich & Mila, Germany, 2020