Terms & Conditions
A|S Boutique Residence

These Terms & Conditions apply to all contracts, of any nature, entered into between A|S Boutique Residence and its clients. They also extend to all bookings and agreements for accommodation, consumption, and use of services within the A|S Boutique Residence.

Clients/guests are encouraged to review these provisions to understand their own and our respective responsibilities. The contract is contingent upon the payment of the reservation, either through our website or via one of our affiliated travel partners.

By using the website, clients/guests automatically agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Failure to comply may result in immediate removal from our premises without any form of restitution or compensation.

The A|S Boutique Residence reserves the right to modify these Terms & Conditions at any time, without prior notice. It is advised that clients/guests review these Terms & Conditions periodically, particularly upon repeated use of the website.

I. Scope of Application

These terms apply to all contracts for the provision of the A|S Boutique Residence rooms for accommodation, as well as, all further supplies and services of the A|S Boutique Residence in connection therewith.

The invalidity of any of the following provisions for any reason does not impact the validity of the contract or the other provisions contained therein.

II. Formation of Contract and Subject Matter

The offers provided by A|S Boutique Residence (the Residence) are subject to change. The contract is formed upon acceptance of the booking by A|S Boutique Residence.

If the person making the booking (the Booker) is acting on behalf of a third party (the Guest), the Booker and the Guest are jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising from the contract, as long as the Residence has received the appropriate declaration from the Booker.

The subletting and reletting of the provided rooms, as well as their use for purposes other than accommodation, require the prior written consent of the Residence.

The Residence reserves the right to provide rooms that may differ from the description in the agreement, unless such a request is clearly unreasonable. However, the room provided will still be within the same room category or an upgraded room category.

III. Payments

Rooms, suites, or the entire residence can be reserved through our website. A booking is considered binding once the Guest has confirmed full payment using a credit card. The rates and conditions applicable at the time of booking, whether made through our website or any of our cooperating platforms, shall apply. The prices displayed on the Residence website and in the booking confirmation page are inclusive of statutory VAT.

The Residence reserves the right to refuse or impose additional conditions for accepting or fulfilling a booking. Guests are expected to utilize the services provided by the Residence in compliance with the applicable laws, these Terms & Conditions, and with due regard to the reasonable instructions of A|S Boutique Residence, as published on the website or provided at the hotel.

All payments for reservations must be made through our website or cooperating platforms using a valid credit card, with the full amount for the reservation paid at the time of booking. Making a payment automatically confirms the reservation and signifies acceptance of the cancellation policy as stated on this website. The same payment conditions apply to all cooperating agents and third parties involved in a reservation, unless alternative payment methods have been mutually agreed upon in writing.

For prospective guests who wish to make a reservation while already in Cuba, the following procedure applies:

When prospective guests are already on the island, online credit card payments for a reservation are no longer possible due to bank and credit card restrictions in Cuba. Therefore, the only available payment method will be cash. Guests will be required to pay for the full stay upon arrival. We only accept payments in euros (EUR) or American dollars (USD), based on the prevailing exchange rate of EUR/USD. Furthermore, for this specific scenario, all conditions mentioned on this website will still apply.

Any additional cash payments made by guests for services or consumptions provided by the Residence during their stay will be added to their bill, which must be settled in euros or American dollars, based on the prevailing exchange rate, prior to their departure. As previously mentioned, credit cards cannot be accepted for any payments at this hotel due to credit card restrictions in Cuba.

IV. Cancellations

Once the payment for a reservation has been confirmed, any cancellation will result in a full charge. The same cancellation policy applies in the case of a no-show.

Cancellations also encompass changes to the contract such as delayed arrival, early departure, or modification in the number of participants. In such cases or similar circumstances, a full charge will still be applicable.

Once a reservation payment has been confirmed, it is not possible to make changes to the dates.

Prospective guests cannot claim any rights based on a verbal cancellation.

V. Mobility and Limitations

We welcome guests of all races, genders, sexual orientations, sizes, religions, etc. However, for practical reasons, we would like to provide the following statements and clarifications to ensure that our guests have a clear understanding and to avoid any potential disappointments or unmet expectations.

The carefully preserved historical architecture of the hotel from the nineteenth century, which has been completely restored to its original beauty and grandeur, naturally comes with certain limitations.

This UNESCO-registered mansion does not have an elevator and features multiple, often long and narrow, stairways. Balconies, corridors, the monumental antique triad doors for all the rooms, and stairways are frequently narrow.

The Hotel’s ‘lofty duplex design’ concept includes additional stairways inside these rooms and suites. While the spacious duplex suites offer ample space, it should be noted that they have certain limitations for guests who may have physical restrictions or disabilities.

The historical architecture, design concept, facilities, and often handmade or designer furniture of the Hotel have clear limitations, making them unsuitable or uncomfortable for guests with limited mobility, individuals undergoing medical or surgical treatment, those in rehabilitation or recovery, as well as overweight or morbidly obese individuals.

As mentioned previously, we welcome guests of all kinds. However, the aforementioned clarifications confirm that staying at the Hotel is the responsibility of the guests. Therefore, guests assume all risks associated with the use of the facilities and their stay in the Hotel, including any personal injury or injury to third parties, as well as damage to the Hotel facilities.

The Hotel holds no liability for any damages to the interior or facilities, and guests will be held responsible for any such damages, which will be charged in full.

Please also pay attention to the sections on Liability of A|S Boutique Residence and Guest Liability.

VI. Liability of A|S Boutique Residence

A|S Boutique Residence shall only be held liable for willful actions and gross negligence on the part of the Residence, its legal representatives, or agents..

The Residence is not responsible in any way for damages arising from injury to the life, body, or health of our guests during their stay in our residency, in Cuba, or during tours, transportation, or any other services, including wellness treatments, dance classes, or yoga sessions, provided by the Residence itself or by third parties.

The Residence holds no liability for objects brought in by guests, including money, securities, and valuables. All objects, valuables, or money brought in by the guests remain at their own risk while in the residency. For this reason, all rooms are equipped with a personal safe-deposit box. The Residence is not obligated to accept or store any property belonging to guests.

We cannot assume responsibility for unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. These may include, but are not limited to, adverse weather conditions, war, riots, fires, terrorist activities or threats, industrial disputes, natural disasters, failure of utility services (electric power, gas, water), malfunctions of machinery, computers, vehicles, building collapses, government or public authority interventions, pandemics, strikes, accidents, and emergency repair works.

VII. Guest Liability

Guests are responsible for any damages to buildings, property, or stock caused by themselves, other guests, or third parties within their sphere. The Residence will assess the value of any damaged goods, which will be charged in full to the guests prior to check-out. Payments must be made in cash, using euros or American dollars based on the prevailing exchange rate.

Regarding the procurement of technical and other equipment at the guests’ request, the Residence acts exclusively on behalf of, with the authority of, and for the guests’ account. Guests are liable for the careful handling and proper return of the equipment by third parties. They shall indemnify and hold the Residence harmless from all claims of third parties arising from the provision of the equipment.

VIII. Admission to the Hotel

The Hotel retains the right to deny entry to its rooms or restrict access to other areas of the Hotel for guests and their visitors. If, based on the Hotel’s reasonable judgment, there are concerns regarding guests, their visitors, or any other relevant factors, access to the hotel may be declined.

The utmost priority is placed on ensuring the safety of guests, their property, as well as the Hotel, its property, and its reputation.

We have a strict policy against discrimination based on factors such as sex, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, skin colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability, marital status, maternity or pregnancy, and religion or belief. These factors are never taken into account when making decisions that may affect the admission of guests.

In order to comply with licensing and statutory regulations, we reserve the right to limit access to the Hotel’s facilities as per the requirements of the Hotel’s alcohol licence.


Additional guests, whether staying or visiting, are permitted in the hotel only with prior permission from the Hotel Management. They must be registered with valid ID, either by the Hotel Management or the on-duty Guard. Overnight stays for visitors are only allowed in your room or suite (or that of your guests) if the number of occupants does not exceed the maximum limit of two guests per room.

Please be aware that as a guest, you are responsible for the conduct of your additional guests or visitors while they are at the Hotel. We kindly request your cooperation in complying with all reasonable requirements and policies of the Hotel and its facilities, as they may be applicable from time to time. It is important to note that access to the Hotel will be denied to individuals suspected of soliciting or importuning. This applies to guests, as well as to additional guests or visitors.

IX. No Smoking

The Residence is a smoke-free environment. Guests are kindly encouraged to utilize the designated smoking area at the rooftop terrace. Please refrain from smoking in rooms or outside the designated area. Failure to comply will result in a full room night smoking fine, which must be promptly paid in cash, either in euros or American dollars.

X. Cuban Law is Applicable

Please be aware that engaging in any illegal activities, as defined by Cuban law, including but not limited to prostitution, drug use, drug dealing, carrying weapons, and unauthorized money exchange within the premises, is strictly prohibited. Violation of these legal regulations will result in immediate termination of the hotel stay, without any refund.

Based on the severity of the offence, the Hotel Management will assess whether involvement of the police is necessary.

XI. CCTV, Photography and Filming

For security purposes, CCTV cameras are in operation in the public areas of the Residence, and video recordings may be conducted.

Any professional photography and filming activities must be requested in advance and authorized by a member of the Hotel Management. A member of our staff must be present throughout the duration of the professional photography or filming session.

XII. Intellectual Property Rights

All information, data, and materials presented on this website and its associated social media accounts, including logos, content, and images, are protected by copyright and/or other Intellectual Property rights. Any commercial use and reproduction of such content is strictly prohibited.

XIII. Final Provisions

Any changes or additions to any agreement or our Terms & Conditions must be made in writing. This requirement also applies to any modifications to the provision regarding written form.

Any unilateral changes or additions made by guests are considered invalid.

The place of performance and payment, in the case of cash transactions, is the seat of the Residence.

The exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with the contract is the seat of the Residence.

The laws of the Republic of Cuba are applicable.